Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  What should I wear?

Every style of dress can be seen at our Sunday morning Worship Service, from casual (jeans, t-shirt and sneakers) to dressed up (dresses for women, coat and tie for men).  Dress comfortably.


2.  What are the hours for your weekly worship services?

Sunday morning worship begins with Bible Study at 9:30 a.m., Morning Worship (preaching) at 10:45 a.m.

3.  What is your style of Worship?

We are a traditional Baptist church with some “contemporary” elements.  Our music style consists of several different elements:  Southern Gospel, Traditional Hymns, and Contemporary.


4.  Where would my children be during the service?

Your children are always welcome in our worship services.


5.  As a first time guest will I have to sign up, sign in, or donate to anything?

We do ask that our guests complete the guest information sheet located in the church bulletin that you will receive upon entering the sanctuary.  This tear sheet may in turn be placed in the offering plate when it is passed.  There is also a place to request additional information and prayer requests.  As our guest, please do not feel obligated to participate in the offering.  Our members support the ministry of the church and you are considered our guest.


6.  Is there special parking for Guests?

Upon entering our parking lot, you will see a sign that will direct you to the Special Parking for Guests.  There are several spots located directly in front of the small white frame building that are reserved for guests.