Adult Bible Study Classes begin at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday morning.


Adult Classes – Ages 18 – 60
These classes meet in the Christian Family Life Center


Young Couples – age 18 to 32
Meet in the cafe area downstairs, 1st hallway to the right, last door on the left.  Directly across from our Preschool area.
Led by Ronie Langston


Single Adults – ages 18 – 32
Meet upstairs, first class room on the left.
Led by Gene Kerr


Adults – age 32 – 50
Men – fourth class room on the right.  Led by Steve Southall
Ladies – first class room on the right.  Led by Cindy McCord


Adults – age 51 -60
Men – second class room on the right.  Led by Ham Griffin
Ladies – third class room on the right.  Led by Melba Woodruff

Ladies (age 51-60) – a more contemporary study theme led by Gail Griffin, meets in the Sanctuary building.


Senior Adult Classes – Ages 61 and up

Our Senior Adult classes all meet in the main Sanctuary Building.
Opening assembly begins at 9:30 after which you will go to your
individual classes.

Teachers:  Ladies Classes
Carol Johnson – ages 61 -70
– ages 71 and up

Teachers:  Mens Classes
Tom Jones – ages 61 – 70
Don Melton – ages 71 and up