Our Mission Statement:


To teach each child that they are some one special and that God loves them.  We will illustrate this fact through Bible Stories, Puppets, Skits, Crafts, and Artwork. To utilize caring preschool workers, who desire to model God’s love towards each child under their care.

To accomplish this we make the following pledge to you:

1. That your child will be provided an age appropriate environment.  It is helpful that we are able to have three distinctive classrooms.

A.) Bed babies to 23 months old.

B.) 23 months to 36 months.

C.) 36 months through K5

2. That your child’s safety and cleanliness is of paramount importance. We pledge to give to each child the attention they require.  Diapers will be changed promptly and to maintain their safety, each class room has been designed to have its own restroom facilities.

Each classroom also has a one-way mirror where parents and other interested parties can observe without being observed.

Each child is registered to ensure that no one other than the person bringing the child may pick them up.

3. That parents will be notified of any changes in the child’s circumstances.

4. That each classroom will provide an age distinctive educational program to enrich their young lives and provide them with an early foundation to the Bible and God’s presence in the amazing world around them.

5. That every child in our care deserves a teacher who:

A.) Cares deeply for the children in their room.

B.)  Is properly prepared for their classroom

C.) Will notify the parents of any special need involving their child.